A brief history of Bossingham Playing Field

In 1995, land adjoining Bossingham Village Hall was bequeathed by Mrs Bertha Dale to Upper Hardres Parish Council.
UHPC provided a car park on part of the land at Bossingham Village Hall in 2000.

At the invitation of Upper Hardres and Stelling Minnis Parish Councils, a Working Group of local volunteers, known as Bossingham Sports & Leisure, was established in 2009 to bring to fruition the need for local sports and leisure facilities as identified in Parish Appraisals (Upper Hardres 2005 and Stelling Minnis 2008).  
In 2010, a questionnaire was delivered to all households in the parishes of Upper Hardres and Stelling Minnis to establish which sports and leisure facilities parishioners would like on the land. The “Top 5” preferred facilities were:

Play equipment for young children
Multi-use games area (MUGA) for –
  basketball, 5-a-side football, tennis
Gym equipment for adults
Skate/skateboarding zone
BBQ and picnic area, with tables and seating.
The working group developed into Bossingham Sports & Leisure Trust which was registered as a Charity in 2012 in order to extend grant funding opportunities.
In 2013, the trustees were disappointed to have to take the decision, in consultation with Upper Hardres Parish Council, not to continue with plans for a MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area). It was agreed that the large capital outlay (iro of £100,000K), together with the ongoing maintenance and refurbishment costs, would be too burdensome on our small community.

Between July 2012 and December 2015, progress included installation of a skateboard zone, outdoor gym equipment, children’s play equipment, picnic tables and benches, an outdoor table tennis table, new goal posts, and new signs. Repairs to the concrete skateboard zone surface were carried out and, thanks to a grant from Canterbury City Council, a permanent skateboard ramp installed. The final piece of equipment, the scramble net climber, was installed in December 2015 thanks to further funds from Canterbury City Council.
Bossingham Sports & Leisure Trust was a registered charity number 1146559 until August 2016 when the charity was dissolved. The trustees were all volunteers from the local community: Liz Dixey, Clare Hamilton and Andy Nicholas. Sadly, after a long illness, Liz passed away on 7th March 2016. This project was very dear to her heart and she worked tirelessly to bring it to fruition. A bench has been installed on the playing field in Liz’s memory.
As the project was practically complete, it was decided by trustees at the BS&LT AGM in September in 2015 that, unless replacement volunteer trustees could be found, the charity would be dissolved and ownership of equipment and remaining funds would be handed over to UHPC. 
From August 2016, UHPC own and manage all fixed equipment and organise grounds maintenance, insurance and safety inspections for Bossingham Playing Field. UHPC also own the remaining BS&LT funds which will be spent on a fixed goal post and a basketball hoop with an area of sports safety surfacing. A Depreciation Fund is in place for future equipment maintenance costs.
BS&LT and Upper Hardres Parish Council are extremely grateful for the financial support received from:
• Canterbury City Council
• Kent County Council
  (thanks to Councillor John Simmonds MBE and Councillor Susan Carey)
• Stelling Minnis Parish Council
• Stelling Minnis Windmill Museum & Community Fund
• The Roger De Haan Charitable Foundation
• The SRM Charitable Trust
• The Tory Family Foundation
• Upper Hardres Parish Council
• Sue & Paul Markland’s Open Garden Day
• Private donations from local parishioners
…and local fundraising.
Please contact Clare Hamilton, Parish Clerk, at clrhamilton8@gmail.com with any suggestions or for information regarding the playing field.
Upper Hardres Parish Council, March 2018
and BASKETBALL HOOP & MINI-COURT installed in 2017. Thanks to KCC Councillor John Simmonds for KCC Members Grant of £1000 towards this
in memory of Liz Dixey installed in November 2016

• SYNTHETIC SPORTS SURFACING installed beneath gym equipment and play equipment in December 2016
• SCRAMBLE NET CLIMBER installed in December 2015 (purchased with remaining funds from Canterbury City Council’s Play Priority Funding budget)
• NEW GOAL POSTS installed March 2015
• TABLE TENNIS TABLE installed August 2014. Funded by Canterbury City Council and Kent County Council
• PICNIC TABLES & BENCHES two picnic tables and two benches, funded by 100 Club donations, Fun Jars donations, the Pitcher family and the Rosen family, were installed in July 2015
• GARDEN OPEN DAY at Rydlings, Bossingham Road, Stelling Minnis on 29 June 2015 raised £500. THANK YOU, Sue and Paul Markland
• CHILDREN’S PLAY EQUIPMENT installed in January 2014 thanks to £10,000 from Canterbury City Council’s Play Priority Funding budget
GYM EQUIPMENT INSTALLED July 2013. Funded by £5000 from The Roger De Haan Charitable Trust, £1000 from Kent County Council, £1000 from Upper Hardres Parish Council and £500 from Kent County Council. THANK YOU!
• MOVIE NIGHT the showing of It’s a Wonderful Life in December 2012 raised £120. Many thanks to Joanne & Andy Nicholas for organising this well-received event
• SKATEBOARD ZONE funded by CCC and KCC, opened on 13th October 2012